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Our Projects and Services

Roof Leak Repair

Roof Repair


We open the roof to find where the leak is getting into your home. We charge $250 if we can repair the leak there and then or if not then we will provide a free quotation. We provide a money-back guarantee on all leak repairs.  

Roof Restoration

Roof Restoration


Not all roofs are created equal. Low-quality tiles eventually fade and wear until they start letting in wind and water. They may crack or come loose, potentially causing serious problems to your property. Fortunately, our reliable roof restoration service can reinvigorate your old and damaged roof in no time.

Roof Painting Auckland

Roof Painting


With our reliable roof restoration service, costs are kept low and even tight budgets can be met. And, the benefits to the property are endless. Roof restoration repairs existing leaks and prevents problems from developing in the future. It keeps roofs strong for longer, reduces the risk of weather-based damage, and protects the home from wind, rain and other elements.

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